P5 FutureNow modules are designed to be compatible

The main idea behind FutureNow modules is openness. Unlike most manufacturers, we don’t offer a closed system and force integrators to only use our products in a project. We specialise in making automation peripherals with the communication protocol available to integrators and software module developers, which means our DIN rail units can be integrated with any third party system. Taking this even further, we offer ready-made software drivers for the biggest automation platforms.

Under the FutureNow brand P5 offers DIN rail switches, dimmers, blind controllers and thermostats that can either be used standalone, controlled via free Android and iOS apps or integrated into complex AMX, Crestron, Control4, Extron, Savant, etc. or even hybrid or any custom-made automation systems.

The standalone operation combined with the local inputs does not only make it easy and quick to build a basic system but allows users to get a taste of automation and expand an initial cost-effective setup into a more complex system later by adding a third party controller.

Due to the above and the quick learning curve, the FutureNow line is recommended to both new or expanding bussinesses and experienced integrators looking for more modular solutions or new components to add to their offerings.

With 25 years experience of selling to more than 50 countries we are confident that FutureNow will win you more projects and customers.



Futurenow modules can be used standalone or as peripherals in complex control system in the following ways from the simplest to the more complex. Upgrading to the next option is smooth and easy.

– There’s one or more FutureNow modules but no network. The outputs can be controlled via the inputs on the same module. This allows lights and other devices to be used in the early stages of a project.
– There’s a computer network with FutureNow IP modules connected. The outputs can be controlled from a web browser using the IP modules’ built-in web interface. This requires no additional hardware or software apart from a computer network. Scenes can be activated via the inputs across the modules.
– Supporting scenes and groups and easy configuration, our free iOS App and Android mobile apps (only FNIP modules are supported) provide more flexibility and a touch nicer interface with still no extra hardware or software apart from your phone and a computer network with WiFi access.
– For ultimate user experience, custom GUI layout, endless functionality, compatible third party systems are the way to go.

FutureNow modules have been designed to be compatible. Due to the open communication protocol, they can be integrated with absolutely everything that can send and receive TCP/IP commands. Please ask for the API if you are a software module developer and want to integrate FutureNow with a new system.


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