The most beautiful sound you may never see

Beauty is in the eye. The ear. And even the soul.

Established in 1981 by President Larry Pexton (a founding member of CEDIA), Triad Speakers, Inc. is a steadily growing provider of complete loudspeaker solutions for multi-room residential and home theater system applications.

Triad first displayed products in 1982 at the January 1982 CES and the popular System One speaker system was first shown in Chicago in June 1982. Since then, Triad’s been a top choice by many CEDIA custom integrators nationwide, the company has made significant advancements in the arena of front-channel speakers, surrounds, subwoofers, distributed audio speakers via enclosed in-wall, in-ceiling, on-wall and freestanding designs.

Over 80% of Triad’s products are manufactured daily in Portland Oregon, in a pure build to order operation with no work in progress and no finished goods inventory of the US built products.


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